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Even though I am travelling quite often a long haul flights always affect me in a negative way. My skin is dull an despite applying moisturizer religiously on the flight it gets spotty and dry. Also being crammed into economy class with little room to stretch my legs and back doesn’t help finding the energy to get back to work or relax.

But after coming back from Vegas, my last 10 hour flight, I was determined to get back into balance a bit quicker with a little help from Bali Health Lounge.

Conveniently situated in the heart of the city centre, it was only a short walk in my delirious jetlag state through the streets of China Town to find this gem of a spa.
Leaving Manchester behind once you walk up the first floor, you truly feel like you are back on holiday! Yay prolonging the relaxation and easing the jet lag!

The luxurious interior of Bali spreads over three floors  and is about the most beautiful seeting I have seen in any location in Manchester so far. Its surprisingly quiet and airy, given the busy location. You are instantly welcomed by the friendly staff and find yourself lounging on the comfy sofa, sipping a glass of Aloe Juice or tea. After your treatment you are also welcome to stay and are not ushered out for the next appointment waiting.

Speaking to their marketing manager, I was also told that all staff are employed on a permanent basis with regular training. So your visit supports full time staff and no zero hour contracts, often found in the beauty industry!

Their treatments range from various types of massages, manicures and pedicures to facial treatments using PAYOT products.

I was booked in for a full Indian head and neck massage, of 60 minutes and was welcomed by my therapist Anna, who explained the whole procedure in detail. She also made sure I was not allergic to any of the ingredients used on my skin. I can be quite sensitive to anything scented so I decided to stay away from lavender or tea tree old.
She was also very gentle and professional in her approach, all her movements were executed as an elegant choreography, knowing exactly where to apply pressure. To be honest I am fairly hesitant to trust someone to give me a massage as I know how much damage can be done with the wrong technique, but felt in absolutely safe hands here.

The only downside of this massage is that it doesn’t last three hours or four. Boo. But for all stressed out Mancunians, longing after regular relaxation BALI Health Lounge, have now introduced a subscription of massages for a year, you can flexibly use over time and even transfer to your partner. Such a great idea and perfect complement to your regular gym routine!

If you are looking for some relaxatin for yourself, or want to treat a family member to a lovely day out this is your place! I will most certainly be back after my next flight. 
Believe me or not but I have not been hungry after Tuesday and this absolute beauty of Yelp event. Of all my Yelp events, I know its not been that many but enough to judge, this has been the best so far and will be certainly hard to ever beat by any restaurant.

On this summery warm Tuesday, the Yelp community has followed the invitation of ZOUK. During my student time here in Manchester, I have walked past the restaurant on Chester Street almost every day and have enjoyed some of the shishas with friends.
For some reason the food never seemed that appealing to me but how wrong I was!

Im heutigen Post, und bevor ich weitere einzelne Hotelreviews hochlade, soll es vor allem um die richtige Hotelauswahl für euren Florida Urlaub gehen.
Natürlich ist das wieder ein Thema bei dem das “richtig” für jeden Urlauber etwas anders aussieht, abhängig von Reisedauer, Budget und Interessen. Die Dinge, die für mich absolut notwendig sind, können für euch natürlich eine untergeordnete Rolle spielen, dennoch möchte ich hier gerne meine Erfahrungen teilen, die euch mit Sicherheit einige Enttäuschungen und Kosten ersparen werden.

Eine tolle Sache vorweg: Ihr könnt in Florida bei der richtigen Buchung in erstklassigen Hotels auch für wenig Geld übernachten und werdet auch in den abgelegensten Motels einen ordentlichen Standard vorfinden. Gerade als Familie oder Gruppe kann man, da der Preis in den USA zu 90% ein Zimmerpreis und kein Personenpreis ist, richtig gute Schnäppchen machen.
As a travel and food blogger the new Yelp concept of the Manchester Staycation is everything I could hope for. Exploring your local area and finding the best food around, suggested by fellow food bloggers. Yelp Manchester will be organising a series of events based around the theme in the weeks to come and feature all our blogger tips on the website, so if you are stuck in rut with your dining options make sure to check back on their website.

Our Staycation kick off event was agained organised by the legendary community manager Jonny who lead us to one of the latest additions to the Manchester food scene in the up and coming Princess St. / Sackville Campus area of town: The Urban Cookhouse.

We were welcomed by Jonny and the crew with some lovely gin drinks with cucumber, instant like.

Calling all fashionistas! Hobbs is back in Manchester. 
The last time I set foot in Hobbs was during the Vogue Fashion´s Night Out 2013 and missed it ever since. So I was absolutely delighted when the news of a new store opening has found its way into my blog inbox.

In my personal opinion I like the new store a lot more than the previous New Cathedral Street location ( Now Michael Kors). For some reason I always found it a bit too stiff and for some reason intimidating, as it was a just a long stretch of a shop flor. The team has chosen Manchesters prime location of King Street (no.1) just on Deansgate, which should get them a lot of walk-ins. Its super bright and airy with wooden floors as  you can see on the pics below. Don´t be mislead by the seemingly small space, the new store has a gorgeous down stairs area with more changing rooms (if you want a bit more privacy) and a chaise longue to try on the stunning shoe collection.

Before you lose yourself in the pictures of beautiful burgers listen: This is burger joint, as fancy and fitting it may seem, is NOT based in the Northern Quarter. I made this painful discovery after walking to the Tib Street NQ and then checking on my phone that it is actually on Tib Lane just off Cross Street. My stomach was growling at that point.

Filthy cow is probably a bit of a misleading name for a place that is so close to burger perfection without being filthy, greasy or overloaded with ingredients ( if you look for 820843 flavour combinations of odd topics don´t come here ). I would actually name this Holy Virginity burger. Or so.

This burger is a thing of simple beauty. It´s good quality meat ( probably the best in Manchester if you ask me- sorry Solita), a sturdy and slightly browned brioche bun with nothing but cheese bacon lettuce and tomato. And a small dollop of home made burger sauce. All for roughly 7 quid. Pair it with a can of soda and fries you have a perfect meal for a tenner. In the Manchester city centre. Amazing.