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New Balance vs. Nike Free Run

By 06:22

I have been meaning to get some new light sneakers for a while now. Following the hype of street style outfits with neon Nike Free Run I was obsessed with the idea of getting some. But what about winter? The colour and fabric are just too thin and delicate to wear this shoe in anything else than bright sunshine.
Thank god another trend was just waiting around the corner for me: The survival of the New Balance sneaker. Apparently they were really popular in the 90s but I have only just heard about them a couple of months ago, probably because in the 90s I was mainly dressed by my mum and not quite the age to go and buy fancy street wear.
I like the slightly retro look, the suede applications and simple style. Also they are super light when I wanna shove them in my hand luggage.

One of my favourite shops in Manchester, Jack Wills ( similar to Abercrombie & Fitch but with a twist of London classiness ) is doing an amazing 30% deal for students on everything until the 4th of October and surprisingly I found these bordeaux red sneakers in my size. How could I say no to a 30 % discount!

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