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Oranje for All Seasons - The EasyJet Amsterdam Style Competition

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Oranje for All Seasons

When I chatted to my boyfriend last week about spending a weekend break in Amsterdam next spring, I would have never thought that easyJet had someone working in their office who was obviously reading my mind: I was asked to blog about my Amsterdam Style especially with regard to the style influences of Manchester and Munich.
For over a year and a half, I´m doing the "distance thing" with easyJet now and I have fallen in love with a convenient way to travel and I have managed to connect love, fashion and my work in two different countries.

To begin with I have to confess that I've never been to Amsterdam before but I have been a lover of the Amsterdam street style picture by other bloggers for a long time, and I can't wait to see my own picture being taken with the big letters that form "Amsterdam". I imagine it to be lively, fashionable, laid back and yet sophisticated. Classic pieces with an edgy feminine twist, but a natural all over look. When traveling I always try to mix style and key pieces from cities I`m familiar with and be open for all new influences the city has to offer. Traveling is a great way to get inspired by people, new stores, architecture and design. From every city I have travelled to, I have come back with at least one piece that is reminding me of the city´s style: Hamburg had the raincoats and Wellies, Manchester made me fall in love with studded boots, Madrid with the classic Espadrilles and Munich made me realize that you can never dress too classy.

When I travel with easyJet on my city breaks I always travel light with hand luggage to have enough room to book a suitcase on the way back if I have found too many pieces I just couldn´t get hands on in Munich. The four looks I have created for my lookbook shall give inspiration for traveling in four different seasons summing up three ideas:

1. Bring light and comfortable things with you on the way to your city break - traveling light saves money, nerves, and keeps your mind open for new things

2. Incorporate the city style with accessories or one key piece - every city has it´s own fashion vibe

3. Keep it interchangeable - bring your own style to the city and develop it further

In terms of accommodation and general travel I like sticking with the things I know especially when I only have limited time on a weekend trip. It saves me from unpleasant surprises and allows me to open up to the city itself. Being a regular guest at a hotel chain or a frequent flyer with one airline takes the pressure of newness away and makes me relax even at a new environment. Therefore my choice of hotel for the stay is the Marriott in the city centre for the same reasons why I like traveling with easyJet: Nice and friendly service, flexible fares, always available and I get what I book and expect.
With a hotel in a central location fashionistas get the opportunity to return to their rooms for an afternoon break, leave all the shopping bags behind and get changed for a night out. For the classy gin & cocktail session with Bols it´s time to wear some high heels and put a drink-proof lipstick on. Maybe even in the company´s and the Netherlands national color: Orange.

My Look for the easyJet Amsterdam Style Competition 

The ´Dam Style Spring look starts off with fresh shades of orange like apricot paired with timeless 
black and gold. This time of the year we are slowly getting used to sunnier days, get some shades out and spend the first afternoons in cafes near the canals. With the sneaker revival and feet friendly black flats you can roam the streets for hours.

In summer the colors are brighter and shinier than ever! Dark yellow and bright orange tops stay classy when paired with slim cut white jeans and subtly shimmering city sandals. In the evenings wedges make your legs look endless in these soft silk shorts. Parisian cat-eye glasses and a tan bag make the look über-feminine.

Autumn fashionistas opt for dark orange accessories like leather flats that survive the occasional showers and a truly british trench coats that allows you to wear some day dresses on cooler days. A matching tote bag adds extra glamour while lips pop in color blocking pink.

To stay warm in style wrap yourself up in cosy high fashion cashmere and dress it up with a classy christmas-red bag and red nails! The baseball cap gives the look a younger, sporty looks and easily conceales a bad-hair-day.

If you fancy winning a trip to Amsterdam find the competition page here

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