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Manchester Street Life

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Besides a lot of studying and working on my bachelor thesis I enjoyed some free time in sunny Manchester. I´m still amazed how pretty the city is when the sun is out, which is to be honest fairly rare, but  I was lucky almost every time I visited in the past 2 years.
Planning your trip to Manchester  you should try and grab yourself a last minute deal after checking the weather forecast! Every city trip is just so much nicer when the sun is out.

Here are my favorite places:

1. Go and find a local farmers market or food market. Yummy fresh food to share, locally sourced.

2. Have a drink outside: I can recommend the traditional Sinclairs in the city centre or the new The Oast House  in Spinningfields, which comes closest to a German Beer garden with its wooden interior.

3. Roam the Northern Quarter for some vintage clothes. The old red brick houses shine a lot nice on sunny days.

What is your favourite sunshine spot in Manchester?

Manchester food stall at Piccadilly Gardens
Lovely looking cupcakes

Street Art on Hatters Hostel. 

Pret A Manger - Spinningsfield
Alchemist Bar

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