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My Christmas Wishlist

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Here I am getting inspired for my Christmas wish list. I definitely wanna get an Ipad Mini: its so much lighter and handier than the normal iPad, which I once returned to the shop for being to bulky and heavy! 
I got the LC book for a friends´ birthday and I only had the chance to flick through it for 5 min but I loved how beautifully detailed it was, so its on the list now.
After getting ideas form the LC book I´m sure I need a lot more make up brushes like the sets form ZOEVA. 
The perfume is Heat from Beyonce which smells really warm and perfect for winter. Another winter treat are the candles from either Diptyque or Yankee Candle.
On Urban Outfitters I hit upon these lovely jewelry stands but I´m still looking for a really classy silver or white one.

Dear Santa (credit card) make my wishes come true!

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