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Workwardrobe Wednesday

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It´s Work-Wardrobe-Wednesday again- but this time I´m gonna focus on men´s fashion for a change with some festive style advice.
Undoubtedly dressing for office christmas parties is quite a tricky enquiries, especially when they are being  held after a long day juggling meetings and very last minute "needs to been done before christmas" tasks.
Still I think for us girls it´s the easier task: we dress up our classy LBD with some heels and red lipstick, release our ponytail and turn into Santas sexy helper in a snap.
Not so much the boys: We have all seen the strange looking bright red christmas jumpers of our male work colleagues with some old dodgy jeans and sneakers. It´s hard to feel all festive at a party when the male  perception of  "dressing up for casual drinks" is somewhere between pub with the lads and visiting your grandmother on boxing day. But actually going out for work is neither of them and also a suit can be a  bit too much. 

Yes I did say it, sometimes a suit doesn´t feel quite right. The white shirt will do, for sure, so my ultimate mix and match style guide for guys includes a nice pair of  darker coloured jeans ( fitted, no tattered edges, no bleached bits ) and a white shirt. Now you almost cannot go wrong with the other choices:
Shoe wise I suggest the iconic Timberland Boots, that will survive rain, snow and survive a good couple of christmases. Other shoes of choice can be suede desert boots or other sturdy leather boots with no fancy applications or coloured heels. (No! Black leather Adidas don´t count for boots! )
Jumper wise you can unleash your inner child again with a christmas inspired norwegian jumper (we know your inner age is round about five years !) . If you dare some colour, oxblood, bordeaux and general reds are always in season before christmas.

These choices will make your female colleagues feel a bit warmer around the heart and might even secure you a date for new years eve. 

Dress up. Stay Classy.

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