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Manchester Fashion Week Official Blogger Q&A

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I have been asked some questions by MCR Fashion Week as part of their Blogger Star series, I hope you enjoy!

Name: Isabel
Age: 23
Occupation: Business Administration Student
Hometown: Munich
Current location: Manchester

      How did you get into blogging:
During my maths –heavy business studies my love for writing suffered a lot so I started Blonde Happiness as a creative outlet. It also became a great way to let people stay in contact with my life when I moved country.

 What can we expect when reading your blog:
      Blonde Happiness is a summary of my travel life between Manchester and Munich and the things that make me happy on my journey. This can be everything from shopping and excessive bargain hunting, beauty, interior design and outfits.  

 Top three blog sites you follow and would recommend:

Three lovely, classy blogger girls that travel a lot and have a passion for their home town, just like me.



                                 What’s the best thing that has happened to you since you started blogging?
Being a part of the very first Manchester Fashion Week last year was a great experience with being backstage, seeing all shows and meeting lots of other bloggers. In general getting involved in the creative buzz of a city, attending events and meeting lots of different people is amazing. 

Who is your style crush at the minute?
It will forever be Lauren Conrad, her effortless feminine style has a great balance between classy and stylish!

Who is your favourite designer?
Karl Lagerfeld

                       Where do you shop?
Everywhere and all the time. But you can´t beat a day in a big American outlet mall.

How would you describe your own personal style in 5 words?
Feminine, black, classy, trendy, elegant

Top 3 favourite pieces of clothing in your wardrobe right now and why:
-       My vintage parka with gold stud DIY I inherited from my mum- It´s funny how many styles are becoming fashionable again after 20years.
-       Louis Vuitton Speedy Azure bag- I like wearing white and cream in winter and black in summer.
-       My little black dresses- You just can´t go wrong with it!

What are your top 5 beauty products that live in your handbag and go everywhere with you?
A red lipstick will get you everywhere.

 What are your top beauty secrets?
Sleep, no alcohol or cigarettes and a good moisturizer.

Favourite make up brand and product at the moment?
I´m addicted to Clinique- Their Chubby Sticks & BB cream are just genius!

Describe your every day make up look in three words:
mascara, bronzer, gloss

What is your guilty pleasure?

What 5 items can you never leave the house without?
Iphone, brush, lipstick, creditcard, passport and I´ll be ready to go anywhere

Favorite band/singer: Manchester band HURTS - they made me visit Manchester for the first time.

Who are you voting to win on XFACTOR right now? James Arthur

Any advice you could give to upcoming bloggers:
Don´t let anybody tell you you have to be a certain way.

Best advice you have ever been given: If you don´t ask you don´t get.

What is your dream job: I´d love to have a job that is combining my serious business face and my love for fashion.

Describe Manchester in 3 words: wet, inspirational, different

Describe Manchester Fashion in 3 words: non-conformist, upbeat, personal

Where can we find you:

Instagram: IsaBlonde

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