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Sale Shopping Haul

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Merry Christmas to all of you- writing this I´m full of happiness and excitement of the past joyful days I spent with my family and all the lovely goodies I got for my birthday and christmas. Some of them were gifts from my family, the rest were a gift to myself! We all have to treat ourselves, right? 

Just like with food you always feel a bit guilty for overindulging in anything so I will have to define some shopping rules for next year to organise my shopping and bargain hunting a bit more. But could I possibly say no to that markdown of 75% on my Tory Burch open-toe-wedge pumps ( detailed post will follow!) ? 
The only sale I´m waiting for now is the second markdown at Zara, which usually starts the end of January and always has some good bargains in stock. 

What sale are you hitting these days?

Deichmann Booties 35€ / 70€
Cashmere Silk Jumper 28€ / 60€

Zara Suede Boots 39€ / 99€

Sequin Skirt Primark 5€ / 12€

Tory Burch Pumps 69€ / 240€

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