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Clinique Chubby Stick Review

By 08:45

I just can´t resist chubby sticks: Clinique is probably the only make up and beauty brand I spend a bit more money on. With foundation and concealer for me it´s more important to go fragrance free than to use more luxurious brands.

In general I don´t think most make up is worth going to luxury counters as there are just too many good dupes out there, unless you want to treat yourself of course. I fully understand that possessing or collecting limited editions makes you happy but for all girls on a budget most brands offer an affordable choice for the same colour.

However Clinique have convince me once again that sometimes it´s worth spending a couple of quid more.

The chubbies have fantastic colours that are almost sheer, depending on shade, but can be layered to add more color. At the same times it moisturizes my lips enough to not need a lipbalm every two hours.
A nice side effect for me is that it´s absolutely not shiny or sparkly at all: it enhances my natural lip colour, without making me look dolled up or needing a mirror to apply.

When I got my first chubby stick last year for christmas I was doubting that the sheer glossy texture would last longer than 3 months and wear down quite quickly, but I´m still using my first shade, Chunky Cherry.

So to put it in a nutshell: They are perfect for every day use!

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