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Marc Jacobs Baby Aidan Bag

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Sometimes resolutions just don´t work out as planned and you find yourself in the depth of being busy and juggling other things instead. For me this year started rather turbulent, which explains my absence here. Despite not being actively blogging I have taken a lot of pictures, prepared posts and worked on my schedule for the year ( which will unfortunately contain a lot of study time in the next month until I can call myself BSc. ).

I especially missed sharing my joys with you, so here is something that made me extremely happy: My new Marc by Marc Jacobs bag! After roaming the online stores manically to get hands on a MbMJ bag (sometimes you just have something stuck in your head) I got lucky at the french Monnier Frères online shop.
It was my first purchase with them after reading about their new marketing expansion plans on the blogs of Josie and Luisa and as I suspected there were plenty of good sale deals still available.

The shipping took longer than expected ( 4 instead of 1 day express delivery which was a mandatory choice for 10€ ) but when I get a cute box like this the waiting is forgotten.

I know the colour looks completely different than in the first pics, which I assume is just the colouring of the leather looking different in different light. The tone is just right for every- day use and goes well with understated colours such as beige, white and black.

Best things at the end: If you sign up for the newsletter you get a 10 % discount on your first order with code NEWDE!

Tomorrow there will be a new post up regarding Manchester Fashion Week so check back for news!


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