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Sale Shopping Part II

By 15:30

Sorry for the lack of outfit posts but at the moment my favourite occupation is shopping and running errands in a simple black + cashmere v neck outfit. I´d rather show an outfit every week than just dressing up to have something to blog about.

Yet I want to show you what I got today- it´s the amazing suede leather jacket from Mango in tan that will perfectly go with the boots from Zara I bought earlier this week. I was hunting down this jacket for a couple of weeks now and I´m so relieved that I saw it hanging in my size!

Also, I got myself a black and white striped sleeveless dress from Mango, which will be one of the pieces you can just throw on the morning with no effort.

From an old voucher at a local perfume shop I bought DKNY perfume, that smells super fresh and clean like warm laundry with a splash of vanilla. Quite a contrast to the flower heavy scents I usually use but it is time for a change. I know perfume was on the "Not allowed" list for 2013 but my voucher had to be used. Sooooorrryyy.

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