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Monarch Erfahrungen & Discount Code for March

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Travel people pack your bags! Monarch is offering a fabulous 30€ off return flights up until mid July when u enter the code FUN2FLY. If you fly without bags, food and reserved seating on inner european destinations I found deals that got me return flights to Manchester for as little as 66€. That doesn't even fuel up my car once! 
Mentioning Monarch here, I´d also like to tell you about my experiences with Monarch: I´ve first stumbled upon Monarch during my permanent hunt for flight to see my boyfriend when they had a cheaper deal on than easy jet, which is my usual choice. For me flying often and paying it for myself it is all about the price and security. On a two hour flight I couldn´t care less about service and duty free offerings. Of course having the add ons is a nice treat but when I´m using it as a basic public transport it´s just not my first criteria. 
Checking the airline security websites, it seemed a reasonable choice as they didnt have any incidents in recent years. 
What I didn´t know at that time was that I have actually booked myself on the inaugural flight to Manchester! It was a pleasant flight, nice staff and I enjoyed the extra leg room of my seat. Also there were no apparent hand luggage restrictions and I was able to take my trolley without having it weighed or size checked, which is always a plus. 
Saying that, on my second flight I had massive issues with Monarch staff about the hand luggage sizes and found them to be overly picky on size and weight, which ended in having to pay ridiculous extra fees. Bear this in mind when making your airline choice: Easyjet is strict with their one handbag policy but isn´t strict about size and weight! Monarch seems to be picky for no reason, especially when the first flights were only 40% booked. That is not how to build a loyal following when introducing a new airline! If you travel with more luggage, consider going away from budget airlines, Lufthansa often has fantastic deals that include on board meals and luggage. 

Would you like to see more travel posts and maybe an airline comparison for europe? 

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