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Paris Planning

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How quiet it´s been on here, but how many things are going on in my life. For now I have finished uni- only waiting for the bachelor results now. This will lead to a lot of changes for me personally and a completely new challenge to find happiness again. I will move country this year, find a masters and will be challenged to find a more personal approach to happiness turning further away from my family. I feel like I should make some more changes on the blog, too. A new design is in progress, and a new approach to the gap I want to fill with my blog with definitely more travel aspects and also more happy things besides fashion. 

Speaking of traveling: A couple of weeks ago, it was getting close to midnight, I hit upon an incredible travel offer for a return train ticket to Paris for 50€.  As I have never been to Paris before I just couldn´t say no to this and I´m happy enough to have crazy friends who say YES in like 10 seconds after receiving a text. So I will be going to Paris next week for two nights and I´m so excited I keep checking the weather forecast far too often and keep planning outfits in my head. For now I will definitely take my new Marc Jacobs bag, it has the perfect size to fit travel guides maps and a bottle of water in. 

Do you have any must-see places in Paris?  

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