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Travel Essentials Paris

By 08:40

Only a couple of hours sleep left until I´m actually heading to Paris (alarm is set at 4 am booo). Beyond excited and I´m still doing lists of shops I want to visit, especially some the big department stores and vintage boutiques Paris is so famous for. The weather is predicted to be unpredictable with sun/rain and low temperatures so I packed an outfit that is essentially layer based jumpers paired with some water proof Timberland boots. In the following I also wanted to take the opportunity to show you a Whats In My Bag travel special: 

I always carry a travel guide and map where I have highlighted points of interested before my trip. Something very nostalgic exploring a city with a map and also handy when your phone´s battery died or you don´t wanna stress your roaming data allowance. Speaking of dead phones: In my old Chanel Beaute bag you won´t find cosmetics but a charger for my phone ( Don´t forget to check if you need an adapter) and some headphones.
The lovely grey thing on top of the map is a security beeper for self-defense: Pulling the strap, when in danger, an horribly loud alarm sets off and hopefully scares away any pick pockets.

My other essentials ( excluding the mandatory umbrella): 

- Gloss
- Lip Balm
- Sunglasses ( no matter where you travel )
- tangle teezer
- small travel wallet with no more than 1 credit card, driver´s license and some cash
- see through envelope clutch from Kurt Geiger, that proved very useful for travel documents. If you ever soaked your train tickets in a dripping bottle of water inside your bag you know what I´m talking about. 

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