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Canon EOS 1100 D - Test Pics - Testbilder

By 14:42

After pondering the pro´s and con´s of DSLR cameras I have finally decided to upgrade from my old CANON IXUS digital camera. I always had the big cons of PRICE and WEIGHT of the cameras on my mind but at some point I realised that some pictures I had planned in my mind couldn´t be done with my camera and I needed a DSLR to deliver better picture quality on my blog.

For two years my old digital- bargain-camera traveled everywhere with me, capturing nearly every moment of my life from beach holidays, to party nights, even surviving the odd splash of beer at Oktoberfest. Upgrading to an Iphone 5 it has become  more and more obsolete to have an average camera in my handbag that wasn´t much better than my phone, so decision was easier in the end.
Sure my old cam will still go to gigs with me or on nights out when DSLRs are simply not allowed or are at risk to be drowned in gin but for now I´m determined to work on my photography skills and work outside the automatic mode.

I decided for the Canon EOS when I found an incredible offer of 300€ including the standard KIT lens, which is assumed to be sufficient for the start. In my head I´m planning on buying new lenses already, that´s the point where the addiction starts, right ? 

This is just to show some pics anyone can take with a camera like this, after getting familiar with the basics functions in a couple of hours. My photography skills have not changed since the last post, but I think you can definitely see a difference in picture quality. It´s a big pro sticking to the same brand when upgrading, as the settings and switches are usually similar. If you are an experienced photographer seeing this, feel free to comment what I can do better. 

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