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Alpro Unsweetened Almond Milk

By 04:39

Suffering from all sort off intolerances and allergies from a very early age on this made milk made from soaked almonds is a true revelation for me. I have read about Almond Milk for quite a while now on all these healthy clean eating blogs but couldn´t get hands on it in the german supermarkets or be bothered to make it myself. You can definitely attempt it, but all instruction I have read seemed to take it least 24 hours to let the almonds soak sufficiently  and I don´t have strong enough blender at home to extract the "milk" afterwards. Not knowing if I actually want to have muesli or porridge the next day I felt making it fresh could turn out to be an unsatisfying and timely experience. Going to my local Tesco I was quite surprised to find it and with a price only slightly higher than normal soy milk or normal milk, so this was my time to try it!

As you can see my first dish was a simple pre-packed porride in which I substituted normal milk with the almond milk. The taste when not cooked is slightly almond-y ( surprise surprise ) but more like naturally flavoured milk and not as artificially as soy milk does in my opinion. Being heated up in a porridge it just tasted like normal milk and even my boyfriend couldn´t taste the difference.
For me buying unsweetened almond milk is the best milk-replacement I have tried, and believe me I have tried them all. From the calorie and environmental aspect it seems also an option worth considering as this milk only comes at 26kcal / 100ml and doesn´t affect the rainforest exploitation like soy cultivation does!

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