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Harrods Food Recommendation

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Yesterday night I returned home from seeing a lovely friend in London for 48 hours and of course I asked Mr. Happiness if he wanted something. As often with boys the answer is food related and his was "Quiche from Harrods". Everytime I´m London I visit Harrods food department as a quick break between museum tours and shopping. When doing city trips I usually have a good breakfast and dinner but only snack during the day or have a coffee. My alltime favourite snack I even fantasise about in Germany is the poached salmon baguette. It´s only slightly more expensive than your usual Pret lunch but you get to wander the beautiful food halls and get to treat yourself to something out of the usual! Besides the usual snack selection they offer a huge variety of pasties, pastreis, pies and finger food specialities from all over the world, making it easy to try a bit of everything. For taking home I can especially recommend all pies and quiches as they make a lovely dinner the next day!

I opted for two salmon and caramelised leek quiches, one grilled vegetable and one spinach and goats cheese that went over the counter for 2,50 € p. slice. Paired with a green salad and soured cream a divine dinner! A glass of Rose also does go down rather well with it...

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