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The Marriott Worsley Park Pamper Day for Two with Experience Days

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After being horribly stressed out during my final exam period in uni, I received the lovely offer of testing a Marriott SPA of my choice with Experience Days. It couldn´t have come at a better time and my shoulders definitely needed a bit of TLC, mainly sitting at my desk all day.
But before I tell you about the magic hands of Marriott beauticians, a brief introduction to Experience Days and the Marriott hotel I chose for my day.

Experience Days offers perfect gift choices for any age, interest and budget, aiming to make every gift an experience with options like photo shoot makeovers, golf courses, fighter pilot experiences or outdoor activities like archery. 
Especially for anniversaries and treating a person you usually don´t spend a lot of time with I loved that often you can also participate in the activities or book a "for two" option like I did.

With my Marriott it´s easy trying new hotels, you just get the same standard wherever you are in the world without the risk of being disappointed in the end. I chose the Marriott Worsley Park, because I wanted to get out of the city (it was only a 15 min drive- but sometimes that´s all it takes to escape the stress) and more importantly because it is embedded in an amazing park setting. For me nature just adds to relaxation and seeing the first spring flowers in bloom instantly calms me.

Knowing that the SPA also offered the possibility of a gym, pool and steam room, I packed my gym& swim clothes and decided to go two hours before my booked in facial and massage to make full use of the gym. Having a massage waiting for me is probably the best incentive to go to a gym, right ?
The gym was perfectly equipped and also offered classes like Yoga and Pilates, so best make yourself familiar with the course schedule before booking an appointment for your treatment to avoid overlapping. Yes, even a pamper day required a bit of planning!

After my workout it was time to head over to the beauty area. The place smelled divine and after no waiting time I was escorted to a relaxation room where I had to fill out a questionnaire regarding my current skin care and beauty routine. My beautician gave me a brief introduction and I got to lay down on the massage table in the softest and warmest towels I have ever felt- just laying there with no treatment was so relaxing! For the next hour I was in a bit of a haze really- probably the ultimate state of relaxation- and I had a really hard time getting dressed afterwards! Why do these moments not last forever?

The great thing about the pamper day experience is that it isn´t just over after the treatment! You have full access to the facilities all day so there is nothing stopping you from getting a snack at the lovely restaurant or enjoy a cappuccino between treatments and your afternoon swim.
Booking this SPA experience is especially recommendable when you are staying at the hotel for a night, so you can make most of all classes and wind down with a midnight swim and steam room session before bedtime!

I have left this place with relaxed muscles, a radiant face and absolutely starving for a Marriott signature burger in the restaurant- so if you are looking for a lovely day out with your partner family or friends the Marriott Worsley Park is definitely your gift of choice at experience days! One step closer to happiness...

Thank you to the ExperienceDays team for the unconditional and voluntary opportunity to share my impressions.

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