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UK Magazine Goodies Galore

By 02:58

One thing I really like about being in the UK is the crazy amount of magazine deals you can get. Not just because it´s always good to get more bang for your buck but also because it gives me the opportunity to discover brands I wouldn´t even have looked in the shops. Also it saves me from all the beauty disappointments when I just bought a product because it was on offer, or smelled nice, or had nice packaging etc etc. One of my lucky finds was hair brand Percy Reed who do an amazing TLC moisturizing mask, that can more than compete with John Frida or Aussie. A free sample also was my first try at Ciate nailpolishes. Whilst the German market is only slowly getting hold of the girlie-bow bottles I can get full sizes bottles in my current copy of Marie Claire here.

 Both products have a permanent spot in beauty routine and besides being an incentive to buy a certain magazine testing before buying is always the best way to customer satisfaction. It takes me by surprise that German companies don´t seem to consider the selling and reputation benefit of magazine collaborations as much as UK ones do and rather rely on word of mouth as the cheapest marketing tool although especially encouraging customers to switch to other brands seem to be one of the toughest challenges in marketing!

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