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Groupon Brunch @ Parkcafe München

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There is only few days I don´t check my Groupon App for some bargains at restaurants or shops I like, usually it´s one of my first browses in the morning. A couple of months ago I hit upon a great brunch offer in one of Munich´s most iconic locations: Parkcafe. Thinking back Parkcafe was one of the first bars I went to as a teenager, now hosting a bar, restaurant and a lovely green beergarden in the city centre. Our offer today included a breakfast etagere with a glass of champagne for two and for the banging price of 15€ it was a great start to a shopping trip. 

Having an absolutely manic week with lots of cries, hopes and fears, this little break was much needed to wind down. Sometimes struggles in life make you appreciate the little things a bit more and help you concentrate on what is truly important in your life. The big dreams can wait a while when you manage to find joy in the activities you usually take for granted. For now I have to learn to take one step at a time, there is so many things in life beyond my control which is quite a lesson for someone whose favourite activity is to plan. What was accurately planned as my leaving BBQ this weekend with a countdown to my move now turned out to be a slow way to recovery. 

After our summer brunch we headed over to Kokon, a furniture and decoration department store that is super inspiring when you are looking for seasonal themed lifestyle ideas. I loved the white and green orchid decoration on this table, green and white is such a great colour combo.

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