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Juicy Couture Jewelry & Nautical Stripes

By 12:17 ,

I just wanted to throw some shopping pictures in, which will hopefully be the last until mid September. If you follow my twitter @IsabelMunich you might know that I´m going back to my happy place Florida in September, which will include, besides me walking around with a big big smile for two weeks , a lot lot lot of shopping. So these treats will be the last ones you see for a while :)

Why on earth would I order Juicy Couture jewelry when I´m going to the states anyway you might ask ? But by the time BrandAlley had their big Juicy Couture  clearance, my flights were nothing but a vague idea and the prices too low to say no. 

Bikini ( Primark) - Lace Bandeau Top ( Primark )

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