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Summer Picnic- We love Cupcakes

By 08:07

Nothing better in summer than ending a boiling hot day ( 36 degrees is what the car said! ), relaxing in Munich´s biggest park with some yummy food, a glass of bubbly celebrating a dear friends´ birthday! Obviously it took a lot of time to prepare all those treats, from savoury snack like olives, meats and pasta salads to brownies and preordered cupcakes our host had every craving prepared for. Unfortunately our get together was abruptly ended by a quickly developing thunderstorm after a couple of hours but still it was well worth using a special occasion to celebrate outdoors

For those amazing cupcakes visit, who have quickly gained a reputation for catering every occasion with the best cakes in town! If you should be around the Viktualienmarkt don´t miss a quick visit in their cupcake cafe! 

This Michael Kors beach tote is my go-to bag for all summer evening dos or on holidays combining classy and casual with gold hardware and natural raffia.

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