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A Job at Cosmo

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Working at a fashion magazine like Cosmopolitan and earning your money whilst being surrounded by celebrities and pretty clothes is the dream of almost every fashionistas. But the road to fashion industry fame is long, rocky and often paved with unpaid internships and busy schedules. 
To cast some light on how to actually score a job that leaves you with more than photocopying, Cosmopolitan hosted their Fashion Careers Masterclass in Manchester last night. A massive thank you again to the lovely Jessica of for letting me be her +1 on the night.
We were thrown into the fashion whirl, with a brief drinks reception before Cosmo Editor Louise Court  hosted the panel talk. Of course we got to ask our own questions as well.

So what does it need to get noticed in the industry? I´m gonna give you some insight on the tips that changed their fashion life:

  • Go To London- it still THE media hub in the UK. You can still go home once you made it
  • Be nice to everyone. You never know who you gonna be meeting again and in what position. The industry is fast paced
  • Never claim to know everything and accept help from others 
  • Never give up and take on all tasks, even if they seem dull at the moment 
  • Surround yourself with brilliant people, don´t be afraid to be outshines! 
  • Be prepared to walk away- some jobs are just not for you.
  • Celebrate your success! Don´t be too focused on what´s tomorrow, celebrate what you have achieved already! 
I´m gonna have another post dedicated to my experiences working in fashion next week so make sure to check back! In the meanwhile I´m leaving you with some photos of the night and the fantastic goodie bag! Loved having a book in a goodie bag for a change! Fashionistas DO READ! 

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