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Manchester Food and Drink Festival 2013

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Oh look! It´s Aperol! I can´t contain my excitement when it comes to Aperol Spritz, my favourite drink ( It´s Aperol + Prosecco, but also Aperol + White Wine is absolutely delicious!) for warm summer nights in Italy. So many times before have I tried to find it in Manchester and even had my family fly bottles over for me!  And guess what time of the year it is when you get to try the out of the ordinary? Food from countries all over the world, or British classics with a modern twist? Yes it´s the Manchester Food and Drink festival again! 
 Last year was a bit of a let down: Not a great choice of stalls, very few opportunities to actually sit down and eat. (I know it´s street food and you are supposed to eat it on your way but still I´d like to sit down and have a relaxes beer and a chat .)
I have been going for the past three years and I was really pleased with the choices this time! Maybe some other people have moaned about it too, but this time there were plenty of benches around and even a small tent, to shelter from the temperamental Manchester weather. 
The complimentary Spritz was courtesy of Cibo restaurant, in Didsbury, which is definitely on Top of my list to try next. If you have been already, feel free to leave me feedback in the comments. 
Also I loved to see so many baking stalls including HL Cupcake, a Macaron Bakery , and the great looking Cake Pops Shop Polka Pops. As with all the delicatessen it is just the perfect opportunity to take some Food Fest goodies back home with you!

If I can find anything to wish for for next year is: Please bring back the great pie shop from 2011 and organise a stall of German food.
Maybe I should open my own.....

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