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Vogue Fashion´s Night Out in Manchester - PT II The Aftermath

By 09:19

The best thing after a wonderful night out is opening the goodie bags you didn´t have time to look at properly. And I have been well spoilt this FNO. The first goodie bag is courtesy of Boots and the Arndale Centre and contained lovely No.7 make up sets next to Benefit´s "They are real "Mascara, which I have been meaning to buy for ages, and the new Gucci Guilty perfume. I´m especially looking forward to testing the No.7 products as I could never get hands on any of them before I moved to the UK. 

For the second box I owe a massive thank you to the lovely personal shoppers at Debenhams. Usually boxes like this only come in at Christmas so I was chuffed to get one during the year...wohoo! I´m pleased to see that the box contained so many face products, serums and creams as I know my sensitive skin responds so well to it.
As I have basically arrived in the UK, with only one small make up back after coming from Florida, this is the perfect rescue until I get to go home. Especially the lipsticks are handpicked for my light skin tone and will be in permanent use from now on!

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