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Christmas Wish List and Gift Ideas

By 13:11

Composing this list I actually realized how little I want or need, as I couldn´t really think of anything at first. Having done a lot of shopping in Barcelona and Florida only back in September my materialistic wish list has almost been fulfilled. Well, so I had to try harder and think of what I have been craving over the past year or even longer. With my birthday also coming up the week before Christmas I drafted this list now with some (for me) useful things that will hopefully be an investment rather than just quick pleasure. Maybe you can also get some inspiration for your loved ones! Enjoy! 

I really want to expand on my blogging and photography skills so this 1,8 lens and the Blog Inc. book have been on the list basically since I bought my camera back in March. Guess this is how the photography addiction starts.

The pearl earrings and Longchamp bags might sound a bit stiff and dressing a bit too much  for my business studies but for me these are just staple pieces for every day. After buying my mum a Longchamp bag a couple of years I go I have continued stealing it from her on almost every holiday occasion. It´s foldable and light- perfect for a city trip.
Often enough I´m rushed in the morning and tend to wear the same pieces of jewelry every day, so the pearl will go with both my gold and silver pieces. 

An addition to my jewelry collection is the Michael Kors, twisted silver watch. I think I have tried it on in shops a fair few times, but put it off too many times and missed a couple of good bargains. Having had my golden one for three years now, without the gold plating wearing off I really trust the quality. The next time it will be mine for sure! 

I have outgrown my old ( teenage ) skiing gear and as I´m maybe going on a little skiing break in the Alps again this year  I hope I can make use of this investment over the next years. Think I have not taken enough advantage of living so close to the mountains!

The final bits are make-up. I rarely buy any high fashion make up, with so many great dupes being out on the market but the Bobbi Brown gel liner is one of my stocking up pieces. It lasts for hours and doesn´t leave my eyes irritated. The bronzer is from the newly launched Michael Kors Beauty line and just looks so elegant, it made it on the list.

What pieces have made it on to your wish list?

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