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Fashion or Rubbish- A Recycling Fashion Show

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Last week I attended a very special fashion show at the Manchester MOSI on behalf of Manchester Fashion Week. Being a fashion blogger and bargain hunter going shopping, updating my wardrobe and writing about my purchases is   quite an important part of my life.
Only in recent weeks, reading some of my favorite German blogs, the topic of sustainability and working conditions of today´s fast fashion were in discussion. 

I think everyone is clear on the point that wherever you shop, may it be high street or designer labels, nothing we really consume is produced 100% ethically correctly. Some adhere to local human rights in their production abroad, but ship across the globe wasting scarce resources. Other produce in the UK, creating valuable jobs, but working with leather or fur, harming animals. Without wanting to judge any of the sources we buy, and I believe everyone should be free in the choices they make I would like to stress, that mostly it´s not where or what we shop but how often.
Often I find myself shopping mindlessly in cheaper retailers but not wearing it many times afterwards, which in my case is less common when I shop for pricier designer pieces. 

Putting some figures on that behaviour: 

  • Greater Manchester purchases 90,000 tones of new clothing a year and throws away 59,000 tones to make room for our new purchases. This is the equivalent to 11,800 elephants.
  • In the UK the overall adds up to 2 million tones of clothes and shoes, often clothes from synthetic fibre do not decompose
I can shamefully say I am part of this problem. And without being judgmental on where you shop according to your budget and options  I can only recommend the following two things (that I´m also trying to follow- no exception)

Think before you shop- Are you really going to wear it and most importantly how often until you will have to replace it? 
Recycle before you shop- if you really feel like owning that piece, think of what to do with your old pieces. I personally donate my clothes to Africa ( guess that´s also not the best choice in terms of shipping and supporting indigenous textile industry), but there is plenty of options out there. 

During this fashion show we have seen gorgeous creations of things we would have actually thrown away. Cardigans had the most gorgeous sequins sewn on to them with beautiful embroidery and dresses made from rubbish that could wow everyone at your next night out. Again I want to mention a local charity I have previously come across in my role as a blogger. Dress for Success. A wonderful charity providing women with the necessary second-hand work clothing they need to climb their career ladder. So if you have something that can still score a job but just doesn´t work for you anymore please think of them.

I´m by far no angel when it comes to sustainable shopping but over time I have become aware of how important it is to not shop for the sake of shopping and looking for good quality investment purchases you love for years.

Thank you Recycle for Greater Manchester for the wonderful eyeopening evening.  

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