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Chinese New Year 2014 Manchester Celebrations

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In case you have been wondering why on earth the city centre is full of bright red chinese lanterns,which look absolutely beautiful in my opinion, then read on.

Being a culturally diverse melting pot of nationalities, Manchester is also home to a huge Chinese community that is going to celebrate the start of the new year ( The year of the horse! ) next weekend all around the city centre. Usually tucked away in dark alleys between Princess Street and Piccadilly Gardens, many tourists even miss this gorgeous part of Manchester when walking through town the first times. However these festivities are not to be missed so make sure you familiarize yourself with the route, or just ask along the way ( or the Visitors Centre at Piccadilly Gardens )

On Thursday celebrations kick off at Albert Square with a traditional Chinese Food market and live music! This one is already on my to-do list and I urge you to try RedChili who will have a food stall there. It´s my favorite Chinese in town and the high ratio of Chinese family always seems to be a pretty good indicator for decent homemade food.

On the second of February, the "main" new years day, make sure you head to the Manchester Art Gallery for Chinese exhibitions, arts, crafts and music. Enjoy Tiger beer on the streets but don´t miss the paper dragon parade starting at Albert Square, making its way to China Town, where the new year will be welcomed with a huge firework display. 

If you don´t know how to bridge the time between Thursday and Sunday head to Harvey Nichols for some signature Chinese cocktails and your chance to win some goodies. Also House of Fraser will be offering discounted drinks, for thirsty shoppers and Selfridges even designed their own Chinese gift cards.

As I haven´t been in Manchester for this NYE, I´m definitely heading over to this one, also I´m super curious to try some traditional Chinese food at the market! You just can't welcome the new year too many times.

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