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SOLITA Northern Quarter- The Best Burger in Manchester ?

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As some of you may have seen *here*  I´m on the hunt for the best burgers in Manchester! And where to better start my mission than at Solita. To be honest I have missed a lot of the social buzz surrounding this place, until recently I wasn´t living in Manchester City Centre, however, better late than never. So thanks to twitter I noticed Solita´s tweet about now serving Paulaner. PAULANER IN MANCHESTER. ON TAP! 
That alone was reason enough to visit, but at the sound of proper burgers AND my hometown beer they just got me completely. 

We decided to go early on a Friday night, having heard of the crazy queues forming outside on weekends, especially as they are now serving some pretty amazing looking brunch from Friday to Sunday. When we came in, we had almost free choice of table, and once seated, we were already peeking over to our neighbours table in pure food envy. 

The menu offered a great variety in burger, hotdogs and grilled meat, with some funky twists: Home made sauces (The big manc), a Mac n Cheese burger bun, bacon popcorn, Spongebob Krabby Patty and Candy Bacon to name a few. 
As far as I´ve heard he menu is under constant change and improvement, next week having ordered 80kg of finest Wagyu beef. (Yes I´m already thinking of when to come back! ) 

 To accompany the refreshing taste of home and to bridge the short waiting time, whilst our burgers were sizzling in the Inca oven, we were treated to one of the greasiest sins in this world. Fried sliced onion in very thin batter, with a delicious cocktail-like dipping sauce. Such simple goodness, uniquely presented and a pleasant twist to the usual onion rings. To my surprise they weren't fired to death and I could still taste the sweet onion. Yum!

The waiters were very attentive this night, and as soon as we wiped our greasy fingers on a napkin our burgers arrived. The mister chose the KFB (melted cheese, bourbon BBQ sauce, kentucky fried bacon and jalapeños) with normal fries, having a soft spot for BBQ. I had gone for the double cheese (Monterey Jack) bacon burger with candy bacon and sweet potato fries. A full menu can be found by clicking *here*

 After trying the candy bacon ( sin sin sin ) I had a proper bite: The bun, sesame brioche was not too squishy and sturdy enough to support a thick patty of mince that was still slightly pink and juicy on the inside. Perfect. Just perfect. The only thing I would probably ask for next time is lettuce and tomato with it to give it a bit of crispy freshness. None of the flavours were too overpowering; a simple classy burger to cure all your cravings. 

Considering the freshness and quality of the ingredients, the price of 12 pounds including fries was more than justified. The atmosphere was very relaxed and the clientele a lot less "hip and hype" than I actually expected.  Overall we had a very pleasant evening, leaving Solita with a happy belly.
We will be back! 

Thank you Franco, for curing my homesickness with Paulaner.

Make sure you follow @SolitaNQ on twitter, bookings are available for groups over 6ppl. 
Turner Street
Manchester- Northern Quarter 

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