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The Best Burger in Manchester

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I´m on a mission! A foodie mission around Manchester to find THE best burger. But when I mean the best burger I mean the best burger restaurant, I also look for a restaurant with atmosphere and a homely feel to enjoy my treat. My image of the perfect burger is obviously influences by my stays in the US and what is sold as a burger in Manchester often doesn´t even come close to my dreams when I´m lusting after some meat. So far I seem to have missed out on the buzzy places and the hype, as I have never been happy with the burgers I previously  got. This is partly due to my poor restaurant choices not being a local and the being too busy to eat out all the time. ( I´m one of the few people who actually cook more at home during exam time, I don´t have the time and peace to enjoy food elsewhere and prefer quickly doing a stir fry or similar ).

So what am I looking for:

  • Obviously best fresh ground british beef. No defrosting or horse meat please. Bonus point when the waiter can tell me where they source the meat. 
  • Cooked to my order (slightly pink on the inside, crispy on the outside, juicy)
  • All the trimmings ( lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese and some chips.  Bonus points for different sauce choice or extravagant creations.
  • A soft bun, that isn't too squishy and cheap, sesame brioche is my favorite. Bonus points for different choice of bun. 
  • And then obviously a quick friendly service paired with a reasonable price that allows for a student to come back!
Sounds too easy but in reality it never is.

This is my totally non exhaustive list so far. I´m gonna put all the links with reviews back on here, if you want to come back to this page. 
  • Southern Eleven 
  • SoLiTa
  • Almost Famous 
  • Rump n Ribs Manchester
  • Byron Burger
  • Luck Lust Liquor & Burn 
  • Mumma Schnitzel ( Chicken burger for a variety ) 
If you have any other suggestions for me, or are a restaurant wanting to get their burgers tested, just let me know in the comments below, I´m always happy to eat more burgers!

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