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Tony & Guy Academy Manchester Experience & Review

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Finding ( AND trusting ) a hairdresser abroad is such a daunting thing. Unless you are absolutely fluent in a language you will probably end up describing your desired cut and colour  a bit awkwardly. Unless you go for universal gestures like " 1 inch off " and a straight cut, there is many things that can go wrong.

For the past years I have always turned to Toni& Guy or Vidal Sassoon for my cuts. With a global presence ( even in China! ) you are likely to find one of them around. I simply like the thought of similar training and global standard. Also being on a budget, both of the chains run academies, where you can get your look for less. A lot less. At Manchester´s Toni and Guy Academy a cut is 12pound, color at a max of 25pound.

I have been to both the normal salon and the academy and can truly say the end result has been absolutely comparable.

But what are the differences?

  • The academy is usually a less "posh" salon, maybe in the basement ( Vidal Sassoon Munich) or like in Manchester in a separate training salon. 
  • Cutting takes time as trainees are supervised by directors. All hairdressers are fully qualified and just do a specific training to meet the high standards of the salon. I always found they took a lot of time ensuring the cut was perfect and exactly to my liking. 
  • They didn´t have anything to read for me. If I had known before... playing with your phone for 90 min isn't really my thing
  • They only run two appointment groups per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon for you to choose. So no lunch time cuts or after work blow drys
If you are a student or have half a day off and need to look after your spendings this is such a great way to get a top hair cut or color for an incredible price. 

Queens House
Queen Street
M2 5HT
+44 (0) 161 832 8282

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