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Alesha Dixon- Rose Quartz Launch at Indulge Fragrances

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On Saturday I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the launch of Alesha Dixon´s new fragrance and ask her some questions on the inspiration behind it. Not another boring celebrity fragrance, you might thing now? But that´s not the case with the dancer, singer, songwriter, TV host and overall sweetheart Alesha. 
Whilst celebs like Christina Aguilera or Beyonce creatively name their perfumes after themselves or generically call it "Heat", " Red Sin" or "By Night" Alesha chose to go with "Rose Quartz" as it describes the true inspiration behind it. 
She strongly believes in the healing qualities of quartz stones and has them dotted around their house to give her this positive glowing attitude every day. 
Reading a bit into it the stone is also the one of unconditional love, feminine energy, compassion and positivity. To capture this empowering feel and carry it with her throughout the day she decided to create a perfume that should empower every woman wearing it. 

Speaking about the stigma of "celebrity perfume" she was super relaxed about it and confided in me that the she had all her close friends trying it out giving her an honest opinion on whatever she does ( the sort of friends you ask " do I look shit in this?" ). And if they all liked it, she was happy to go with it and as long as someone is doing everything with passion there would be no such thing as stigma. Very true words. 

I personally love the smell and how light it is. Still it has the body and depth of jasmine and bergamot, some of my favorite perfume ingredients. 100ml of EdT are available for 25pounds which is excellent value for a product made in England of such high quality. It comes in a lovely pink ombre shaded glass flacon, resembling the rose quartz itself. 

I´m sure every mum would love this for mother´s day! So make sure you head over to Indulge fragrances at the Trafford Centre to get yours.

It was a pleasure meeting Alesha and thank you Sparkle PR for having me!

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