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B.EatStreet Friday Food Fight Manchester

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This is basically a full review of my all the food i ate this friday ( I shared all dishes with the other half tho!), all ending at the B.EatStreet friday Food Fight. I started my culinary day off with some Umezushi lunch. Since moving to Manchester and walking past the shop quite often( the smell!!!) this one was on my to do list. To my surprise I didn´t´have to save up to go ( student budget) but could enjoy a free sample of their lunch menu this week. 
This was by far the nicest piece of salmon and rice I´ve ever had ( the sushi chef at the Ritz Carlton Naples can now go look for a new job!). The salmon wasn´t fishy at all but just pure buttery goodness melting on your tongue, perfectly complemented by the freshly grated wasabi. 

Well, but the day didn't end there. For weeks I have been excitedly following all the preparations of local restaurants to launch the Friday Food Fight at Upper Campfield Market. The idea is as simple as it is genius: 14 weeks of local food, small portions, small prices, changing offers, changing DJs. 
The launch night was packed, well organized and just a great vibe all around. Surprisingly there was no long wait when we turned up at six, got a table straight away and never waited for longer than a couple of minutes queueing for food. Basically all the mistakes happening at Mcr food festival have been avoided! 

The full line up can be found on and included
  • Solita 
  • Nutters
  • Lucha Libre
  • Arepa Arepa Arepa
  • Umezushi
  • Honest Crust
  • Diamond Dogs
  • Piggy Smalls
  • Sugar Rush Gals

My first top inevitably led me to Solita, trying one of their Big Manc Jr burgers, a slightly smaller version of their signature burger. Through the night we sampled Lucha Libre chicken and chorizo tacos, Nutters Butternut Soup with truffled parsley and Piggy Small$ pulled pork. I loved seeing all the stalls preparing absolutely fresh,piping hot food and putting so much effort into presentation.

I will definitely be heading back the next week and thoroughly enjoyed this night. 
It´s an event Manchester was waiting for!

Cheese Cake deserts

Honest Crust Pizza in the making 

Piggy Small$, pulled pork burger with slaw in a pineapple and honey glaze 

Lucha Libre, Chicken and Chorizo Tacos

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