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Friday Food Fight Manchester- B.EatStreet Part. II !

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First of all thank you to everyone who enjoyed reading Part I and making this one of the most read blog posts of the year so far ( currently in a battle with my Solita burger review)

The best sign of a good event is when people come back! Friday Food Fight has seen it´s second night ( of 12 ) and again it didn´t fall short of the opening night. This time visitors were treated to some culinary tongue ticklers from Yang Sing, the much hyped Reds True BBQ, Sugar Rush Gals, Ning, The Hip Hop Chip Shop and Bobby´s Bangers. Don´t worry if you have missed out so far, week one and two are going to be repeated in week 3&4! 

All this week I have scanned twitter for hints on the menu and I was mostly looking forward to Yang Sing, Reds True BBQ and the bacon maple ice cream of Sugar Rush Gals. Besides just having a great friday night, this is more and more growing to be a place to pre-test restaurants I was meaning to try, but however was unsure if the visit was going to be worth in the end.

Reds was one of them last night. Checking the menu online ( Grits!- This must be a southern place!) and seeing all the amazing pictures from other food bloggers my hopes were high but were shattered with my ribs & potato salad. Unfortunately they were nowhere close to falling of the bone, and rather reluctant to make their way into my mouth. The potato salad tasted fresh but bland. A bit of salt and pepper never harmed a potato. So this is an unlikely place for me to go in the future. 

At Yang Sing I tried the four meat rice with veg and gravy. Goodness me, that was good gravy! The meat was juicy, tender, the skin super crispy and freshly cut into thin chop stick friendly stripes. Only I would have wished for it to be hotter, rather than lukewarm. But I guess that´s just the price you have to pay at events like this, it´s hard for chefs to get it all right in such a confined space. 

My third stop was the HipHopChipChop. Although neither of us fancied actual fish and chips, the Bling Rings and Fish Biters tempted us to share a bit of greasy goodness. The queue in this case proved to be a quality indicator: All fish was freshly fried with a choice of chili and normal batter. Chili meant CHILI! Mega Nom! Fire! in this case, and I would have loved some tartare sauce on the side or maybe a lemony remoulade to balance it out a bit. 

To finish things off and cool my burning tongue I was lusting after some bacon ice cream now. I was late. Too late. All gone- but they promised me they gonna bring the flavor back next week as it was a huge success! I mean BACON ICECREAM! FUCK YEAH! 

So I´ll be counting the hours to the next food fight....
If you are hungry now head over to their website *click*

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