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Levis Revel- The Perfect Fit?

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Levis Revel take the Previous Curve ID one step further and promise the perfect jeans for every one. For someone like me, who struggled finding and buying jeans for as long as I can think this sounds like a promise just too good to be true. 

Recently a friend introduced me to curve ID jeans and I got my first pair in Florida. I have loved it every since and it´s one of my staple wardrobe pieces. Speaking of staple pieces, usually my dressing routines follows the simple choice of either dark denim or black for my jeans, or I go for a dress with black tights straight away. I will stop wearing black when they find a darker color, is sort of my motto. I´m just the most comfortable in all shades of black but surprisingly the lovely Levi´s team changed this this week  (or at least say, we made a step in a new summery direction!).

In their Arndale store a couple of Manchester Bloggers got introduced to Levi´s Revel, the jeans that does all the shaping for you. Strategically they applied seams, washes and pockets and extra shape enhancing fabric in all the  right places, as you can see in the picture. Trying them on you won´t actually notice this, besides the just overall improved fit. 

My previous Curve ID were a slight curve, but the lovely shop assistant told me that I was actually a demi curve. This is measured as your hip to waist ratio and is a complimentary service when popping in store. Even if you are ordering online from the Levi´s website, make sure you go in store first and get measured first to avoid disappointment. Also switching from Curve ID to Revel you may have to go up a size, they told me. 

Revel currently comes in various washes and in either a low or mid rise. Unfortunately not all colours come in both rise- variations so I had to give up on a black and grey pair ( low rise ) in favour of trying on a dark and lighter denim one. Yet, for the coming seasons they plan to expand on the range of colours and cuts, so every option will be available soon. 

On the day I opted for a lighter wash, in mid rise. I have only gone for fit this time and not just for colour as I usually do and I could´t be more happy with it! You won´t believe how many badly fitted black jeans I have accumulated in the back of my wardrobe simply because they were black!

I urge you to go to a store near you and get a fitting! 
Women come in all shapes and sizes so do Levi´s Jeans 

Thank you Levi´s for inviting to this wonderful afternoon and evening and I very much enjoyed learning about Revel! 

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