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Southern Eleven Spinningfields Restaurant Review

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DAMN I COULD EAT A HORSE, was probably my first thought upon reading the delicious menu at Southern Eleven again. I have been coming here since living in Manchester, but somehow I just didn´t manage to pop in the last year and a half or so. Having spent some time in Florida and the southern states of the US, reading the menu reminded me so much of being there: Hickory Smoked Wings, Pulled Pork, Southern Chicken Dinner, Ribs, Ceasar and Cobb Salad, Mac´n´Cheese and the traditional Cole Slaw. Just writing this down makes me hungry again and the only thing missing that would scream SOUTH is grits (although I doubt anyone would actually order this in a restaurant).
I´ve ordered a non-alcoholic diva cocktail at 3,95, which was light and refreshing, the sort of drink you fancy on a summer´s day on the pool, before heading to the beaches. The other half had a Samuel Adams, one of my dad´s favourites in the states. 

For food I had the lil´burgers again, as I remembered them to be delicious, but in the end I was almost I bit gutted I didn´t go for my boyfriends choice of the BBQ slider collection with 3 mini burger style BBQ delicacies. The meat was cooked to the point, paired up with some cheese and some crispy fresh onion, tomato and lettuce. For the bun they chose a squishy but sturdy enough brioche, that wasn´t too sweet. To spice things up we had the option of six different sauces, coming in a little tray of plastic bottles.
If I had to criticise one thing about the overall dining experience it would be the presentation of the sauces: Given the classy and elegant design of the place and the thoughtful presentation of high quality food, placing a tray of plastic bottles on the table just does´t match up. I would have preferred having a choice upon ordering and then being served the sauces in a small pot to share. 

Service was excellent on the day so we decided to prolong our stay by a cheeky dessert we shared. The cake was homemade and again not too sweet and light in texture, but to stick with the southern US appeal it could have been a bit bigger tho.

So does Southern Eleven have the best burgers in town?  On a downside they could´t tell me where they source their meat, which is a key issue I have when eating out but the amenities of this place are just tipping my judgement to a very positive review. Food quality is fantastic, the menu full of my Florida favorites, service was super friendly and quick and the location just absolutely stunning. The interior design is unmet in Manchester and if you wanna go to a classy place to enjoy some truly delicious US food at an incredible value for money this is your place to go. 

3 Hardman Square 
Spinningfields Manchester 

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