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Who is behind Top Secret Coffee?

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The forever curious person I am everything that hints secret or mystery immediately has my attention. If you have enjoyed one of the free cups that were given out during this week in Manchester, Liverpool and other cities you were among the lucky few already and probably had a guess who could be behind it. 

To be fairly honest I´m not much of a coffee drinker, at least not one of the die-hard 5 cups a day people. I enjoy a strong espresso after food occasionally or a latte macchiato sitting in a sunny cafe when I´m back home in Munich, so coffee has always been more of a treat than a daily survival tool for boring meetings.

The Top Secret Coffee Team invited some Manchester bloggers and press to the beautiful Great John Street Hotel to participate in a traditional cupping ceremony followed by afternoon tea and some signature dishes. Slurping three different coffees and describing their tastes I was quite surprised to taste such a great difference between the three that are blended in the secret coffee mix. The Columbian Arabica was surprisingly light and fruity, whereas another Peru Arabica was rather earthy with a strong aftertaste and the Vietnam robusto had a full flavor with a sweeter taste.
The great trick now is just to have the right blend to cater for all coffee tastes and balance the distinctive flavors according to their respective strengths.

After our taster session followed by a freshly ground latte, we had the opportunity to evaluate the drink and I truly have to say it was really delicious. Usually my coffee is Starbucks or Pret sometimes, however I think the quality varies greatly from store to store. This one was definitely on par with my usually choice, maybe even slightly better. Very smooth and full bodied without being bitter. My guess would have been McDonalds or any other company that isn´t specialized in coffee but does a great job at doing it.

Finding our this morning that Top Secret Coffee is actually Greggs I am still a bit shocked.

The experience I had yesterday just didn´t match my expectations of Gregg´s. I´m probably the only person walking the streets of Manchester, that has NEVER had Gregg´s. The image of greasy pastries and pie and queueing up with builders on their lunch break just never appealed to me, which is, coming to think about it, a quite sad thing for a company putting so much effort into creating a great product like this. 

Would this change now after sampling top secret coffee?
I truly consider coming in for grabbing a coffee on the run, yet I probably would´t come in for food. For anyone loving coffee but likes to avoid the queues and prices of a Starbucks this is a great option!

Some more coffee facts you may find interesting:

  • Coffee is coming from a cherry tree
  • Vietnam is the main producer of coffee even before Brazil 
  • What gives coffee the bitter taste is caffeine not the roasting process
  • The best coffees for drinking cold are the African ones 

 Thank you iProspect Manchester for the kind invitation and the Great John Street Hotel Manchester for providing us with such delicious food!

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