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Nice to meat you! TGI Friday´s Burger Blind Date

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Once upon a time I was invited to a magical land where it´s always friday to meat the love of my life. As you could previously read on BlondeHappiness I´ve been on the burger speed dating market for quite while to find my perfect match to find the best burger in Manchester. And I can tell you this is not easy! 
The last time I set foot in TGIF was in Miami- lovely memories of warmer days, so when I arrived all soaked from the Mancunian rain it was nice that the decor made me feel instantly at home. The welcome was definitely more on the American side- which I like! I love servers introducing themselves and going the little extra mile for your needs. 

Sat down at the bar we were asked about our favorite cocktails, as there were no menus to choose from. Usually I´m a bit anxious about letting other people chose my drinks or food, I´m just a bit fussy! I don´t like overly sweet drinks, no orange or cherry juice and am more a Gin and Tonic than a Pina Colada Girl. Out lovely bar tender got it spot on: I had a French 75, a mix of Gin Champagne, Cointreau and lemon. So fresh and light with a delicate sparkle- my new favourite and I will definitely try making this for my next summer garden party.

Time to get serious: The burgers, were introduced to us on a special menu only revealing the most prominent character traits to us, but with a little help of our match making waiter it was an easy choice! The boyfriend was tempted by the sound of pulled pork and BBQ sauce and I was seduced by a real monster.

My burger patties were neatly shaped and very well done, a pretty safe sign to say they were cooked from frozen. Also the waiter confirmed the beef is sourced in Uruguay
Overall I was happy with the burger, the bun wasn´t too soggy and the streaky bacon on top super crispy. If you follow my instagram you will get a glimpse of my burger face, TGIFridays were gladly snapping while I was having my first bite. 

The promised layer of pulled pork on the boyfriends burger was basically non- existent and we could barely make out some threads of it. Looking at other blogger reviews from the same event, the same burger looked a lot better in Glasgow, which is something that should´t happen in any restaurant chain. I hope they are taking this as a chance to improve their appearance a bit. Everyone should dress up on a first date to make a good first impression, right?

As with all dates, you will have to find what suits you best. For me and my burger blind date it wasn´t love at first sight but we should stay close friends. Friends to hang out with for a delicious cocktail and true american diner atmosphere and you can return to no matter how long you haven´t seen each other. 

Thank you Keeley, for letting my hijack your blog for today and giving your spot to me! And a massive thanks to TGI Fridays for organising this lovely event.

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