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Selfridges Beauty Projects Talks in Manchester

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I was absolutely delighted to attend one of the Beauty Project talks in the Selfridges Manchester store at exchange square on the exciting topic of aging beauty as depicted in current media and the growing voice of women building influence in social media.

The panel consisted of Caryn Franklin, Helen Walmsey-Johnson, columnist at The Guardian and London casting director Jodie Furlong, who gave great insight on the practical side of business and market demands in contrast to wishful thinking.

Coming from a family with amazingly strong, independent women with incredible style I was really curious on what the fashion industry had to say to "no wrinkles", "botox" policies and "photoshopping" 50 year old bodies into 25 year old ones. A great contra point in recent years for me has been blogs like Advanced Style, managing to work the way up from niche topic to film project and book launch, proving that also mass media is ready to see how incredibly strong and beautiful elderly women are.

It would be too much to take down all the great statements made on the night, that were thought provoking, simple, inspirational and witty, so it´s easier for me here to add a point I was actually keen on raising on the night, but due to time limits on the Q&A sessions I wasn´t able to.

As raised by Helen, the main development in growing older for her was to feel more comfortable with herself, comfortable with her body and her general attitude towards life and men. Men in this discussion were in my perception blamed for a huge proportion of the stigmatization of variety and aging and I feel we are misjudging them

The fashion industry is like no other represented by women in decision making positions, who can well stand up to any male panels, especially in departments such as marketing, PR and digital advertising. 

The main unease women, and especially young women feel is the comparison amongst women and not the pressure to look immaculate imposed on them by elderly CEOs looking for trophy wives. In my experience men are far more open to diverse looks of women and less pedantic on perfect shape, size 6, blonde hair than we are amongst each other on a daily basis.

I argue that with growing experience in life, aging eases the discomfort of the never ending comparison between other women, which gives us the power to express beauty and fashion in the way we always wanted but never dared to, fearing the comparison by other women, either in our social circle or when consuming media. We are less competitive growing old, or simply compete on the basis of brains rather than beauty. 

We can´t expect men to change decision making for us whilst until the age of about 40 we don´t manage to stick together and empower the women around us, regardless of their perception of beauty and trends. The acceptance of beauty and diversity at any age, doesn´t start with the board room of Unilever or Procter & Gamble but with the way we deal with members of our own gender on a daily basis. 

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