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Yelp Elite Manchester Event at Dilli Altrincham- Indian Cooking Course

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After only being introduced to Yelp last week, this was my first elite indian cooking course event  at Dilli and wow this was fun! For those of you who don´t know Yelp, Yelp offers a great platform for foodie lovers to rate their favourite restaurants, see reviews of likeminded people before heading out or sharing your travel pictures of the best foodie pics you have taken. Almost all places in town are listed so if you fancy reviewing the customer service of a new boutique - this is your platform! ( you may have also noticed the new Yelp widget in the sidebar!)

The elite group is basically an ever changing community of the most active reviewers, social butterflies and in some lucky cases... Bloggers! Yesterday we have been invited to an Indian Odyssey event at Dilli Altrincham to refine our cooking skills and try their yummy food.
To be honest, I was a bit nervous at first meeting about 30 experienced yelpers on one night but the common love of good food and drinks makes it so easy connect!

We were starting the night off with a refreshing mango lassi before heading upstairs and getting a very enthusiastic introduction to indian cuisine! For me learning about the history of dishes and their embeddedness in local culture really is key in a cooking class and I´m keen on reading into it now. 

I loved Raavi´s approach to food and attention to detail, whilst still being relaxed about recipes and he encouraged us to just experiment with spices and ingredients. He also shared his thoughts on the whole review community, having had some bad experiences at the start for not serving the usual " Tikka Masala" or "Korma", dishes that actually don´t exist in the indian cuisine at all. I bet it was a fairly stressful experience to be teaching a group of foodies and finding the confidence now to embrace the Yelp community and trust in his traditional recipes! 

After preparing our own meal to take home (to the delight of my boyfriend), it was time for us to indulge in an indian banquet prepared for us. The quality of dishes was excellent, with such balanced flavours. I´m not an expert in Indian cooking, as it is still widely unpopular in Germany, but it was much nicer than any indian food I had before.

I´ll be heading to the curry mile soon to buy all the spices to get my tikka on- or just check back in again at Dilli!

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