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Alnatura Marokkanischer Burger- My first go at veggie burgers

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As a quick note: The Alnatura mix is only available in Germany, as far as I know, but for my UK readers you might give it a shot at ebay or ask some friends to bring some over! I have actually flown my over from Germany, as I don´t really eat a lot of meat and could´t find a british equivalent. If you have any ideas on where to get a mix just leave me a comment!

The mix was super easy to prepare, basically just add some hot water and stir well. Simples. The package told me to let it sit for 15 minutes and then backe in the oven for 30 min or frying it in a pan. I opted for the oven, as I like the texture to be a bit crunchy and didn´t want to drown it in oil!
For extra goodness I added a slice of smoked cheddar for the last 3 minutes to melt on top.
As a bun I used some ciabatta rolls, I quickly toasted before my assembling my burger with some onion, lettuce and tomato.

I was super pleased with the result! It actually satisfied my craving for "real" burgers, which was mainly due to the great flavors and the extra cheese. When eating veggie I don´t like the thought of replacing certain ingredients but like to choose dishes that are veggie "by nature" as I strangely feel deprived otherwise. With this burger I just felt like eating a great veggie dish, without someone trying to imitate the taste of meat in a soggy tofu patty- so I reckon even non- vegetarian are going to enjoy this one! 

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