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Bento Ramen in Camden - Restaurant Review

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What a lucky find in Camden!  Ok it wasn't my find at all- as I had a friend living in London recommending it to me, after lusting after some sushi all day. Overall we had to 2 hours to kill before our late evening train back up to Manchester, and with it only being a sone´s throw away from the station it was a perfect final stop of our day. The restaurant itself is spotlessly clean, full of members of the asian community and the menu small- for me the first things I check in asian restaurants. Bento Ramen claims to be slightly Japanese but the selection is rather on the Pan-Asian-Fusion side. 

Although praised for its Ramen, we decided to order various cold dishes after a super hot day out. Between us we order fried baby squid, the chef´s dumpling selection, baby calamari, sashimi salad, hot summer rolls, prawn skewers and rice as a side. All dishes arrived after just a short wait, all freshly prepared and more or less at the same time- perfect for sharing. The fried items, had different batters and were fried in fresh oils. No greasy stinky crust. The summer rolls ( salmon roll, topped with scallops and caviar) were excellent and we actually just ordered them after seeing the lovely picture of a fellow yelper. 

The service on the night was very attentive and friendly, which often is an issue at asian restaurants, and also the reason I´m not setting in RED CHILLI any time soon. All dishes were cleared straight away, with a smile and double checks if we liked everything. Yes I liked everything here and would definitely return. 
Overall we paid just about 55 pound including drinks ( beer/ water/ coke), wich I find really good value for money given the freshness of the dishes and the location

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