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Pie & Ale in Manchester Menu Review

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Today I´m gonna introduce you to a true Mancunian gem, I have fallen instantly in love with. Pie & Ale in Manchester´s Northern Quarter, who have launched their new summer this week. 
Before I´m gonna chat you through some of the new items some words on my first ever visit there in Feb this year. I know super late to review now, but somehow these pictures were just hiding in my TO-BLOG folder.

We booked a table at Pie and Ale at the weekend, to all get to know each other a bit better on my uni course- and whats better for bonding than a pie and tasting some beers? The interior at Pie and Ale is absolutely lovely and very welcoming. You can chose between a quick pint at the bar, a comfy booth or just have your table outside on a little terrace-y area. If you like to watch football they also do a beer hall now with screens, which looks a million times better than what Bierkeller is doing. 

The selection of beers seems to be ever changing and is absolutely excellent. Doing an international course we took the chance to try different beers from our respective home countries and went of the recommendations of our fellow uni mates. Also the waitress seemed to be very knowledgeable about the taste of the various brews and ciders. To my delight I could introduce my friends to some of my Munich favorites and also try a pint of new independent brewery. The prices are fairly decent and Erdinger on draught is always a plus for me.

To wash our beers down we all ordered some pies, and were absolutely stunned by the presentation ( how cute are the little dough cut outs on top??) as well as the quality. If you have ever had a Holland´s pie the difference could´t be bigger- it literally tastes like fresh from your mum´s kitchen. Between us we sampled the entire menu and after having a bite of everyone´s choice I can truly say they were all delicious.
So far so good. Since that night we came back a few times for drinks but it was only until their launch offer on twitter ( 50 % off their new Gourmet Pies on the summer menu) that we decided to go back as a group for food, to celebrate the end of our term with a nice dinner.

The Gourmet Pies are supposed to be open pies, with various fillings, from kangaroo, venison and salmon to wild boar and a super food option for vegetarians. 
I went for the soy salmon with chili, wasabi mash and raw beetroot. To my surprise, my pie was made of filo-pastry, rather than short-crust. If I had known before I definitely would have changed my order, and its a shame that this isn´t indicated on the menu- I reckon I won´t be the last one to be surprised by this. My marinated soy chilli salmon, tasted of nothing but soy and I couldn´t even make out the slightest heat from any chili in there which made it taste rather bland. The salmon skin was completely soggy unfortunately and not crispy. The wasabi mash was nice but lacked salt. The beetroot seemed a bit lost in the dish and for me was unnecessary, especially as it wasn´t spiced or seen any salt. 
All our pies where fairly small portions and we all really felt like having a starter rather than a main course. Given the mark-up on price, the portion size should be reconsidered. We were´t too bothered as we only paid around 6 pound per dish, but it would´t have been worth paying the full amount for it. I get the idea of a "lighter pie" in a summer version but I just couldn´t warm up to it fully, also the dishes didn´t seem to be well balanced and could do with a bit refinement.

Still for me Pie and Ale is one of my go-to places for a nice meal in Manchester and I will definitely return for the usual pie selection and my favourite beers. 

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