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Reasons You Need to Send me to Puglia with MyPugliaExperience

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I know some of you follow me on twitter and have already seen my endless tweets about #mypugliaexperience and the amazing opportunity Puglia´s Tourism board is putting out there for a bunch of european youths: A one week tour through Puglia ( for those of you who are not that familiar with Italian geography- its right down at the imaginary heel of italy-), with 8 people from each country embarking on different tours to discover food, music, tradition, landscape and all the sights in between.

As an avid traveller I just had to sign up for it - and before you give me your vote I quickly wanted to share the reasons I NEED TO GO!

1. I´ve always loved Italy and have the best memories of my childhood spending summers in our little apartment at the Lido di Jesolo or autumns hiking in South Tyrol or skiing in winter. But for some odd reason I have never managed to travel further south than Verona, which is an utter shame seeing all the pictures on WeAreInPuglia´s Facebook account. So make me expand my Italy map all the way down south!

2. My love for food and locally sourced produce has grown over the years and we all know how good the italian cuisine is for your health and look, so I´m pretty sure I can find lots of inspiration for new dishes besides the usual "Penne Arrabiata" and "Spaghetti Bolognese". I´ve just read that fishermen actually kill squid on their boats, eating it raw- which for me is fascinating as I´m currently living in a country where I find out that the Morrisons chicken which I had for lunch  is actually from Thailand, yummy right? This approach to freshness and tradition and not being infested by food multinationals makes it so appealing for me to go!

3. Nature, nature nature. Seriously have you seen the pictures? I´m probably spoiled, having spent so much Florida and I consider myself rather difficult to impress but I have truly never seen a coast line so rough and beautiful at the same time. It looks so peaceful and tranquil that I can actually see myself getting up really early to catch a sunrise and have a swim before breakfast. Oh and I definitely would´t say no to a little horseback ride ending in a picknick around a campfire.

4. I´ve just finished university- yay the first time I´m actually mentioning this on here but I´ve finished my masters and can´t wait to write a new chapter of my life. But before actually heading into the business world I reckon it´s the perfect moment to take a little time out and step back from everything. Just me, new travel companions and my camera so I can make sure you can follow every aspect of this journey!

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