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Revolucion de Cuba - Manchester Event & Review

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My third Yelp event already! Time flies when you are having fun and this was my favourite so far. 

I´m not a huge drinker and not a general fan of rum but this place has almost changed my mind. I´ve loved our little cordoned off area at the bar to have a little welcome drink. I asked to change my Cuba Libre to something more fruity, still mixed with rum which tasted like a tipsy strawberry smoothie- yum! No artificial flavours or colouring there. 

After finishing off our drink wewere guided to the downstairs area. I´ve been here once before for a fashion blogging event and I must say it´s a lovely space for any kind of function. Tropical vibe, clean and pleasant with a separate room and bar. 

Whilst one part of our group enjoyed the rum tasting, we were watching Ben working his magic behind the bar, sharing the secret of the perfect Mojito and Raspberry Mojito before giving us the chance to have a go. 

Magically some trays with nibbles appeared ( I wish this would happen at home more often), with some olives, salsa and guacamole. The salsa was super tasty, the tortilla chips nice and fresh and with the homemade guac on top an easy addition to our drinks.

The rum tasting, lead by Coco was super interesting and it was actually one of the classes where I could taste the differences between drinks ( strangely wine will always be wine for me) and I never knew how extremely different the types of rum were. If you are a lover of rum and want to experience the real deal, try some different brands with your friends, this is definitely the place to be. 

De Cuba is getting a lot of things right in this place, the chic tropical decor is great, everything is spotlessly clean and the bar staff super friendly and well informed about their products. At no point it ever feels like some cheap cocktail tiki hula hut, selling sugary sweet drinks. The fact that the prices are moderate for Manchester paired with a fairly strict bouncer on weekends to not attract the wrong crowd will certainly help to sell this concept on. Its simply great and I will be back to try some more of the food!

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