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St Tropez Spray Tan Review Before After

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A beauty review that was long overdue but hasn´t lost its relevance in the colder months: Fake tan.
A few weeks before embarking on my Florida adventures I was approached by St- Tropez to try out their air brush fake tan pods at Debenhams.

What would sound like a godsend to most girls sounded absolutely frightening to me.
For those who know me I´m pale as a ghost and barely tan in summer, my friends often asked me after coming back from a hol when I was going abroad. GREAT. You all remember the funny meme of the Irish girl sunbathing- just change caption to German girl sunbathing and that´s me.

On holidays I mostly stay in the shade after some heave sunburns in the past and I use SPF 30 religously all over with SPF 50 on face. Nothing worse than forcing a slight tan for two weeks and then still getting a wrinkly face at 30.

I would definitely lie if I´d say I had not wished for golden bronzed skin all over with no patches and streaks but I have never really used self tanning products for any other parts of my body than my legs. I just found the super dark colours some girls go for in their faces a bit too much and not matching to their eyes, hair and natural skin.

To put it short: I was too curious to try if St. Tropez could give me a slight bronze so I booked myself in two days before the holiday after they confirmed that they even managed to get a tan on Tilda Swinton.


Before my trip down Market Street I exfoliated throughly and put my hair in a pony tail. If you have super sensitive and irritable skin, it is also advisable to book an allergy check the day before.
On the day I was fairly nervious, stripping down to my undies being spray tanned is not a pleasant idea but everyone was so nice and chatty it was easy to completely forget about it once I was in the little backoffice cabins.
My St.Tropez tanning girl ( do they have an official name? Tannerettes? StTropezians?) applied moisturiser to my cuticles and hands to not stain them and started to apply two layers of the liquid all over me. I had to stand and move according to her choreography so they get every detail of your body. During the treatment in the capsule that looks a bit like a shower, warm air is blown on you to make it more comfortable but also to dry off the tanning lotion straight away.

I wore some black leggins and a plain black longsleeve from H&M to not have the colour guide rubbing off. The full development of the actual tan then takes around 6 hours, after which you can go shower and are presented with the final result. Hooray!
I´ve opted for a medium shade, as I wasn´t sure how it would look on me as a first time user and I was absolutely surprised by the results.

·      Easy application and procedure
·      Good smell
·      Natural looking tan (no orange or green)
·      No patches or streakes
·      Reasonable price
·      No staining on clothes

The tan looked best on day two and three but was visible for just over a week. After that I had to use exfoliator to get rid of some patches on my ankle that developed after sandals rubbing on the tan.
During the week no clothes and bed sheets were stained, I only noticed minimal colour on my bra straps, but I have to add it was in 30 degree weather with 80% humidity.


·      If you want to look bronzed for a special occasion
·      If you don´t tan naturally at all
·      If you don´t want to damage your skin by exposing it to sunbeds
·      If you are looking for a quick and high quality result
·      If you don´t need a very long lasting tan
·      If you are not a Pro at applying it yourself
·      If you are going on a winter holiday in the sun and don´t want to arrive pale
Some handy tips at the end:
·      Exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate a lot before going!
·      Still use a high factor SPF, the tan does not protect you!
·      Wear black loose fitting cotton clothing when colour guide is developing
·      Avoid wearing super tight fitting, rubbing straps / belts etc to make your tan last
 Use the St. Tropez daily moisturizer with a gradual tan to keep the colour up

Thank you for this wonderful experience St. Tropez!

This post was written with no contentual influence of St.Tropez PR, besides providing the product, and reflects my true and honest experience.

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