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Filthy Cow Restaurant Review

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Before you lose yourself in the pictures of beautiful burgers listen: This is burger joint, as fancy and fitting it may seem, is NOT based in the Northern Quarter. I made this painful discovery after walking to the Tib Street NQ and then checking on my phone that it is actually on Tib Lane just off Cross Street. My stomach was growling at that point.

Filthy cow is probably a bit of a misleading name for a place that is so close to burger perfection without being filthy, greasy or overloaded with ingredients ( if you look for 820843 flavour combinations of odd topics don´t come here ). I would actually name this Holy Virginity burger. Or so.

This burger is a thing of simple beauty. It´s good quality meat ( probably the best in Manchester if you ask me- sorry Solita), a sturdy and slightly browned brioche bun with nothing but cheese bacon lettuce and tomato. And a small dollop of home made burger sauce. All for roughly 7 quid. Pair it with a can of soda and fries you have a perfect meal for a tenner. In the Manchester city centre. Amazing.

When I went with my friend bank holiday afternoon, the crowds were gone, their special was sold out and I opted for a classic burger with onion rings.
The onion rings were slightly too greasy ( which is essentially what onion rings are like anyway so no negative ), balanced by some dark sesame seeds. I´ve never come across that combo before but yum. I had not the slightest complaint about my burger.

The interior is fantastic, slightly hipster, but with so many carefully designed table ideas, neon signs and branded items it´s hard not wanting to move in here. I also loved the small business vibe.

I´m not going to write more on it as there is not much to say when a place is just so close to a perfect burger joint ( also I do not want everybody to know muahahah). Seriously go there. Its as good as it gets.

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